Let's meet Susanne Schädlich

Susanne Schädlig

Susanne Schädlich reads from her biographical novel - Event organised by the Maison Heinrich Heine

Your German is good and you would like to have an insight of Susanne Schädlich's literary world,
Find out the author's blog or just have a look at the presentation as an electronic book sample the Drömer-Knaur publishing house has made of her book "Westwärts so weit es nur geht".
If you speak French and not German, click here to read a proposal of translation of an excerpt of this book.

or visit this English website to get to know the writer's past that has inspired her literary work.
Few of us are lucky enough to have heard of the name Schädlich, whatever we are fluent in German or not. A family of writers, indeed. It is to say Hans Joachim Schädlich, a famous East German Intellectual who was a victim of the German Democratic republic's oppressive policy and her daughter Susanne, journalist, translator and writer Immer Wieder in Dezember, ("Always December Again"). I must admit before attending this meeting I did not know anything about this family. I would like to share these moments of emotions with you.
For this purpose, I will present you two critical reviews of this book, which shows different opinions :
That of Kai Schlieter, a sociologist and social educator who who works as an editorial journalist for the Taz.Tagezeitung. I also present the translation of this article I have made for the French speakers and the excerpt of the column published by the French literary review Septentrion.
In my French translations of Vladimir Balzer's article and the passages of Susanne Schädlich's biographical novel « Westwärts, so weit es nur geht », I have always striven to stay true to the authors'meanings.