my name is Valérie, I like learning from other culture and language. That is why I have specialised in language technologies applied to language didactics and translation.
I am currently preparing a PHD-Thesis within the TALEP (Written and Spoken Language Processing) group at the LIF (Laboratoire d'informatique fondamentale) of Marseille. The object of study deals with the automatic generation of of complex sentences in order to create on-line exercises for Japanese learners.

This website is designed for anyone who is interested in learning foreign languages and language technologies.
I pay a particular attention to the concept: source language: mother language to target language: foreign language to enable the foreign-language learner to write out their work (university thesis, CR, etc) in several foreign languages.I would like to emphasize the multilingualism approach and the advantages brought about by the implementation of the new technologies in foreign language teaching and learning.
For this purpose I have created a multilingual glossary related to applied linguistics in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.
Feel free to use it without moderation. Since this site is intended to be regularly updated, all your suggestions are welcome.