As a former teacher of English in the French Air Force, who has recently obtained a master's degree in computer linguistics applied to computer-aided translation and information management in a multilingual environment (French, English, German, Japanese and Italian), I am doing studies on e-learning.

My work particularly aims at helping French learners of Japanese to switch from elementary A2 levels to intermediate levels at their own paces, without any time and space constraints.

Professional center of interest

  • Corpus linguistics
  • Specialised translation and terminology
  • Text and opinion mining
  • Internet application and e-learning
  • Foreign language didactics and psycholinguistics
  • Semantic web and ontologies

Training and university-degrees

  • 2010   CRIM´Inalco (Institute of Oriental studies and research centre of multilingual and computer linguistics)   Master´s degree in computer-assisted translation technologies and information management - summa cum laude.
  • 2009   Paris Diderot University   Technical writing and conception of Multilingual and Multimedia Documentation - magna cum laude.
  • 2008   Paris Diderot University   Bachelors´ degree in English and Japanese applied to specialized translation, corpus linguistics and terminology engineering - magna cum laude
  • 2005   Diploma in economic and business Italian Italian chamber of commerce and industry for France Paris.
  • 1996   Advanced technician certificate (BTS : Brevet de Technicien supérieur) of trilingual management assistant (French, English and German).

Recent activities

  • october 2010now
    Starting doctoral studies about e-learning and Japanese learning to help French-speaking students of A2 level ito get B1 or B2 levels (as defined by the Common European framework)
  • june 2010september 2010
    Constituting and validating oral and multilingual linguistic resources (French, Italian, English and German) for Délégation Générale de l´Armement («General Direction for Ordnance» French defence procurement agency)
  • may 2010june 2010
    In the framework of the research program C-mantic, partnership between CRIM´Inalco (Multilingual Engineering research centre) and different CNRS laboratories, whose purpose aims at building up a methodology relying not only on key-words but also on text criteria to detect specific information from multilingual mass of data - In charge of annotating a corpora about smoking according to semiotic and semantic criterions to tell pro-smoking from anti-smoking opinions.
  • june 2009august 2009
    Intensive japanese training course for intermediate learners in Japan co-financed with the Fondation de France
  • septembre 2008june 2009
    Tutoring in Japanese for undergraduate students in foreign language applied to translation.

Previous activities

  • 20022004
    Following up of individual training schemes for the French armed force personnel
  • february 2002
    Public relation non-commissioned officer responsible for translating and consecutive interpreting work in the framework of the RECAMP a multinational military exercise aiming at Reinforcement of African Peacekeeping in Tanzania
  • 20022000
    Non-commissioned officer in charge of training and retraining support for service-members wishing to join civilian sectors in French Armed Forces in the South Indian Ocean Forces Armées de la Zone Sud de l'Océan Indien on Réunion
  • 19932000
    Instructor of English for the English language training school Centre de langue anglaise aéronautique spécialisée at airforce Bourges-Avord
  • 19891993
    Instructor of English for the transport pilot training school at airforce Bourges-Avord

Language skills

  • French  mother tongue
  • English  professional use, bilingual
  • Japanese  intermediate, linguistic studies
  • Italian  fluent and business communication
  • German  fluent, professional use

Computer skills