Retrospective - Prospective - Odyssee of the cinema
Alexander Kluge

La Cinémathèque Française and the Goethe-Institut Paris pay tribute to the film-maker, film theoritician, author and essayist, Alexander Kluge through a retrospective of his whole cinematographic work as well as his new films which have not been released yet.

The name of Alexander Kluge cannot be seperated from the Oberhauser group.

I would like to present the two shows I attended.

At the Goethe institute : Meeting with the author.
To quote Alexander Kluge "Cinema is still a young art form which was born the same year as of one his grand-mothers.

During this evening event, he read aloud two anecdotes to us about his grand mothers, One of these anecdotes is extracted from his book Das fünfte Buch - Neue Lebensläufe - 402 Geschichten [The fifth book. Case histories. 402 stories]
Sample translation in English.
Then he went on with other anecdotes and offered us a lesson of philosophy with an unsmiling clown as a teacher

At the cinémathèque française : A cinema lesson with Alexandre Kluge by Alexander Kluge

Alexander Klug

As an attached file you could read A DETAILED ACCOUNT, I wrote out about the events.


  1. December by Alexander Kluge and Gerhard Richter - composed of thirty-nine short stories by Alexander Kluge and thirty-nine images by Gerhard Richter

    Abstract: in December 2009, Engadin valley. Two German great artists met at Waldhaus hotel to discuss a common project: storytelling through words and pictures.
    You could directly read SOME EXCERPTS OF THE BOOKS IN ENGLISH which has been published by the NYRblog : Roving thoughts and provocations from our writers
  2. Minute-film presented at the Goethe Institut Paris
    - Reading news with music;
    - The gentle cosmetics of lights;
    - Toplight, backlight, keylight;
    - First time;
    - The living monument;
    - Computer and candlelight;
    - Three Pieces For Two Pianos ;
    - The Studio Lights Dream of Their Real Life at Night .
  3. The Yesterday Girl
    "What separates us from the past is not an abyss but the changed situation."
    Film director: Alexander Kluge
    Story line: Alexander Kluge
    Actors: Alexandra Kluge, Hans Korte, Josef Kreindl, Günther Mack, Harald Patzer, Alfred Edel, Fritz Bauer, u.a.
    Production years: 1965/66
    Film duration: 84 Min.

  4. Free translation of a scene from the film "The patriot" (1978) Gabi Teichert gets up the stairs leading to the SPD party congress.
    Original soundtrack of a SPD plenary session: Gabi Teichert attends the plenary session.

    She tries to talk these SPD representatives into finding a way so that the German history could be taught positively to high school students. […] The SPD representative : "Mrs Teichert"
    He is still not convinced.
    Gabi Teichert: "Now, allow me to go be back to the main idea, I'd like to develop.
    The history books where are used in high school teaching are not worth teaching to students .
    The reason is not because Germany lacks history in the making,but only because Germany history cannot be taught positively to high school students."
    The SPD representative : "Well ..."
    Gabi Teichert: ... "That is part of my job, so I ask you to help me to fulfil this task."
    . The SPD representative, doubtful and perplexed
    Gabi Teichert: "… The final product of the history in the making is the starting point of what is taught." at school. …

  5. The different ways of giving a kiss,

  6. Electrocuting an elephant,
    A film shot by the Edison compay in 1903,

  7. North-Korean female soldiers marching with goose steps and classical ballet dancers: the dance of the power.