The Bavarian tradition through the dances and the costumes: Plattln und Dirndldrahn.

This article aims at giving a short presentation of the Bavarian customs and takes the trouble to avoid any clichés.

Bavarian coat of arms

Grüß Gott, with these two young Bavarians I would like to wish you
a hearty welcome to Bavaria.

I and two young Bavarians

Bavaria is divided into 7 administrative districts (Regierungsbezirk):

Upper Franconia (German: Oberfranken)
Middle Franconia (Mittelfranken)
Lower Franconia (Unterfranken)
Swabia (Schwaben)
Upper Palatinate (Oberpfalz)
Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern)
Lower Bavaria (Niederbayern)

Map of Bavaria

You can read the presentation of the traditional Bavarian dances and costumes that I have written in French.

old photographs

  1. A caricature of Bavarian dancers

    Schuhplattln and Dirndldrahn

  2. An excerpt of a German book that explains the phenomenom of the Oktober Fest
    Phaenomen Wiesn Tracht


  3. A German newspaper clipping which shows a photograph of me in a Bavarian dress at the presentation of the new "POLDI Prinz Leopold von Bayern" collection and an article on Leopold, the Prince of Bavaria and his collection -Prinz Poldi und Seine Janker.
    Valérie and Prinz Poldi